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Why I Want to Post in English? Rotterdam, Prom, İstanbul, Viviana...

Hi Everyone,

If you view the site a little bit, you must be realized that content is generally in Turkish. However, I'm glad to share some posts in English too because I want to spread my ideas without stuck in just one nationality. Also, I would be living in Rotterdam next year (99%) so I thought it would be beneficial for me to write in English. Okay, I explained a lot.

I opened this blog, because it was always in my mind since there were no "blogging trend" (damned it). I was about 12 years old when I tried to open my first ever blog, and, of course, It wasn't a successful attempt. After that, I started to post resipes from another blog that I constituted called Viviana. I used this name in every attempt, and I really embraced it. Despite this situation, I started noticed that it wasn't going well either. There were no improvement so I gave up on Viviana and all the perfect pictures that I had taken (so much work, really). As you all know, sometimes we need to give up to raise stronger.

Tommorrow I'm going to İstanbul to look for a prom dress. I'd be glad to share the dresses I tried with you so you can have an opinion on the prom traditions in Turkey, which are not much different than the global one. I hope you would like my style, that's what worries me the most.

Sorry for keeping short, but I just wanted to introduce myself. I won't traslate what I posted in Turkish page directly, however topics would be parallel to each other. See you tomorrow!!

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