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Combination of Old and New Features...

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry, I couldn't post when I said I will, however here I am now, talking about my travel.

I don't know if I mentioned before, but Rotterdam is a whole different spirit. The city has is own personality and I'm not exaggerating. It's impossible to say that Rotterdam is just a normal Netherland town (you know, the classical architecture which is based on pretty little houses and smiley faces). I think Rotterdam has something real. There is no relation between this beautiful big city and fairytales, but it is beautiful in it's own way.

Except other cities an Netherlands, Rotterdam doesn't have contiguous long houses. Despite that, it has scycrapers. Maybe there are no farmhouses located in the city, but you can have a full view of Rotterdam from Euromast, like I we did or you can see the Cube Hauses which have a unique architecture and a beatiful landscape of he Old Harbor.

When we walked right across the harbor, something took my attraction and I realized a fact: Rotterdam was not just a futuristic city, but it was a combination of both od and new architecture. There is a history in the city. It has one of the oldest and busy harbors where placed near Cube Hauses. I took a picture of peerless view with all my surprise.

After our one - day tip in Rotterdam, we went to Delft. It was just like any other cute villages in Netherlands. I'm not saying that it was boring, I had a great time and delicious meals. Tourist attractions in the city was Old and New church, however you need to pay if you want to look up. We didn't prefer to make any payment because none of us were interested in visiting a church (sorry if you're religious. I have respect to any kinds of people so please don't get it wrong).

We stayed in a hotel called "Johannes Vermeer" which located near the church. The room that we stayed was at the top floor and has windows at the roof so we could see top of the church from our beds. It was different experience for sleeping with a beautiful view and also waking up with the sunshine. I highly recommend this place if you're planning to have a trip to Delft.

This was abstract of my second Netherlands journey. I opened Letters from Rotterdam" because ı'm going live in there next year and thought it would be great to share my daily experience of student life in Rotterdam. Maybe I would start Youtube channel, who knows?!

Bye Bye and see you soon!

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