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Not a Good Place for Summer Outfits...

En son güncellendiği tarih: 16 Ağu 2018

(This is a post that I wrote in April in my old blog page. I'm going to study in Erasmus University Rotterdam so I've gone to Rotterdam to check my university at that time)

Hi Guys,

I'm in Rotterdam, which is going to be the city of my university, for 3 days. Our aim to come here was checking my room (we already paid for housing on campus) and looking around the city. I need to say that it's quite a little bit different from the cities I have seen in Europe.

If you check my Instagram account, you know that I have been to Rotterdam a few months ago. It was really cold... I mean I freeze to death. However, I took my summer outfits this time because I thought it would be a sunny and hot in the Netherlands. I checked the weather last week, it was 27 degrees and then I said, "Okay, summer came to the city. Lucky me!". I should've look again yesterday... Make a long story short, I picked few short sleeved shirts, one sweater, a raincoat, two tights and sneakers. It's 11 degrees and rainy outside.

Despite all the weather issues, I had a great day. I started to get used to the city which would be my "hometown". Rotterdam is the combination of modern city life and Europian culture. People are nice, life is fair and defiantly doesn't boring so what should I expect? I have never lived in here (for now) but life is not as expensive as I thought. Also, transportation is very improved which makes it suitable for student life.

One of the most notable things for me was the small sculptures placed all over the center. They were smaller than any other statues in Europe, seems like sculptors avoid drawing attention by not making huge monuments.

Currently, me and my parents are staying in a hostel called "Sparks". It's a cute little hostel, located on a Chinese Restaurant (I think we are staying near the China Town). I really liked the original design of this place and highly recommend if you need to stay in Rotterdam before going somewhere else in your Netherland trip because the train station is in front of us. It's so close that I can see the station from my window while I'm writing now.

Markthall was the first place we visit (we were really hungry at the time). Normally, Markthall closes at 20.00, however it was Sunday and restaurants were closing when we came. Nevertheless, we ate take-away seafood, 10 minutes before the closing time. So, Markthall closes in 18.00 on Sunday, please keep this in mind if you're planning to go to Rotterdam. After my big dinner full of fried fish (I didn't take pictures of all) I had a frozen yoghurt which can't be found in Bursa (the city where I live in Turkey).

After a long day of travel, I don't feel tired at all. I took my portable yoga mat with me so I can make some yoga practice before bedtime. Tomorrow I will go to the Erasmus University and see my room (can't go to inside but I will check the building). In addition I would like to see the Old Harbour because I want to know that the city has a historical part too. I know Rotterdam is ruined in World War 2 and built again. It is impressive to see how fast it is grown. But I see pictures of beautiful places and want to be in there.

See you later guys!

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