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My First Youtube Experience

Hello Guys,

I know, I wasn't here for a while, but I came back! In addition, I have a youtube channel this time which is really exciting for me.

Few days ago, I was in Kusadası (in Aydın) with my friends and had a great time. We stayed in a all - inclusive resort and went to a summer festival at the last day of our small holiday. It was my first vocation without my parents so it was very special. You know what I did to make it much more memorable? I record almost everything, especially the festival parts. Then I edited them and put them on Youtube. Now, everyone can see how fun we had while we were in there. It was my first experience as a "youtuber" and ı don't think I nailed it. There were too many flaws in my work (speaking from my own perspective), however I had fun in every second. I didn't put any conversation to make it more artistic and universal. I hope you will watch them after reading this article (or now if you don't want to read the whole) and like it. I'm open to every critique, for real.

I walked around with my camera for 5 days and realized how hard it is to be a youtuber, because people are looking at you like you're doing something that makes you a stupid teenager. I don't know how it's like in other countries, but in Turkey, girls with youtube channels seems like sassy rich teens who wants to be famous models in the future. I'm going to admit that some of them are, however there are people who make videos to influence people in a good way or use this videos to record their funny times (like me). For example, Başak Kablan (you need to watch her, I think there are subtitles) or Gözde Tezer. I don't want to be famous, I just want to remember things. Also, I want to make my art. It is art, isn't it?

Make the long story short you need to check my Youtube Channel.

This is the one that I made for the vocation in general:

And this is the festival one:

I hope you will like them. They're not professional, but ı will improve myself I promise. Bye bye!

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