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  • Zeynep

It's Me Again!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for not being around for a while. I was planning to write on my blog and post pictures on Instagram each day, however, exams and all the school stuff came (in addition to TV shows and youtube videos). There were a lot of things making me distracted so I couldn't continue to do this. I know it's not a professional kind of thing and will never happen again.

A lot had happen: Prom, graduation, Turkish university examination... It was a busy month, but it's over now so I can take blogging seriously at that point. I'm planning to write more about "healthy lifestyle" which I'm trying to apply to my own life and places that I will travel. All I got is plenty of time which means I can try new thing and write more about my experiences.

Just one and a half month left for Rotterdam. I feel like a lot would be changed during my years in Netherlands. You will all see what's going to happen... So please stay in touch!

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