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Eat Clean For Good Skin

Güncelleme tarihi: 23 Nis 2018

Hi Everyone,

If you follow me on instagram (@zdiariesandmore), probably you know that I started the "21 Days Sugar Detox". I was thinking about it since the date of prom had announced. My aim is to be the best of me in prom night, with a perfect skin and a flat stomach. Most efficient and healthy way to become a "better self" is to get rid of all the processed food and toxins, isn't it?

As we all know, sugar blemishes the skin, so when we stop consuming it and prefer other non - sugary options (like ordering Americano instead of White Chocolate Mocha) change would be visible. Also, it is the perfect solution agains the moments we become bloated.

I want this Detox to be a part of my life, because I'm also obsessed with all this "clean eating" stuff. On the other hand, my other obsessions are chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter (I always eat the whole jar... (Let's call the peanut one an addiction. I can't stop myself when I started to eat the peanut butter with a spoon). I don't see any negative impact on consuming small amount of ice cream or a magnolia, however I'm kind of a "all or none" person. If I don't eat it, it stays like that, but when I just taste a dessert I finish the whole. I try to avoid the junk and embrace the apple guys, that's all.

I made my research through a site which has a owner who is a successful Turkish dietician Özge Bezirci ( I like the graphic design of her website and advice you to check it (it's in Turkish). So, depending on my researches, here is the rules:

  • No packaged food.

  • No glucose.

  • No light bread, pasta or any kinds of pastry despite it's whole wheat.

  • No chocolate.

  • No dessert.

  • No alcohol.

Apart from 21 Days Sugar Detox, I want to be more active, like exercising more or running. However it's a little bit impossible for me by the reason of university exams which is too close.

Before finishing the article I need to confess: I was my first day and ı cheated. I ate ice cream. It won't happen again, I promise. Bye!!!

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