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Detox Challenges, Long Eyelashes, Cold Stone Craving...

Hi Guys,

It's my 4th day of "21 Days Sugar Detox", and I feel great. I eat nuts and fruits to suppress the desire I have for junk food. Also, there is specific dessert that I impatiently wait to eat, like ice cream or pumpkin cheesecake. I want to highlight the ice cream, which is exactly what i'm craving for the most.

I have to find a way to block cravings I will have during the time. There is a simple solution for ice cream: Cold Stone has no sugar options for vanilla and chocolate ice flavours. I hadn't gone to Cold Stone since I was 10th grade and never tried them without sugar so this would be a new experience (I was ordering my own mix: mint flavored ice cream + cookie dough + caramel = perfection).

Only four days past but I had so many challenges:

One of my classmates brought homemade lemon cakes to school on Monday. At the evening of Monday, it was a girl from our school's birthday and there was a birthday cake. Nope, I did not eat. Instead of consuming refined sugar, I ate nuts when I came home.

On Tuesday, everyone was eating ice cream after dinner. I was the challenge that brings my main craving into existence. I'm dying for my Cold Stone now.

Nothing much happened today. There was a cake in the school lunch menu, however I don't eat dessert in school at all so it didn't appear as any craving.

Besides the detox, I began to use a new product for my eyelashes. It's 100% natural and contains oils like almond oil, coconut oil etc... Application of the product is same as using a mascara. I apply it on before sleep, except that today is the 2nd day of implementation so I don't have any data to talk about my experience.

I'm sorry, I write short articles for a long period, but I'm a little bit busy these days. I will pay more attention after all those exams are over. Goodbye!

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