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A Turkish Prescetarian's Diary

Güncelleme tarihi: 15 Nis 2018

Hi Everyone,

I was running out of ideas so I decided to translate topics to English, just to gain some time before I find something new. There can be times that inspiration doesn't come.

Yesterday, I wrote about my eating habits, and the "prom detoks" which I'm going to do after celebrating my birthday this weekend (I didn't plan my own birthday party. my friends called me and said I'm going to be with them without any option. I don't want to seem like a freak who makes a celebration for herself). It wasn't in English so ı thought it would be a good idea to mention about the same topic in a different language. First part is going to be about my precetarian eating habit. It's something applicable when we lack of ideas, right?

A Tuna Salad

Okay, I talked a lot. Now, we can focus on our subject: being a presceterian. I only eat fish as a meat for 2 years. My friends and family calls me "vegetarian" and sometimes "vegan", but I actually eat fish. I'm not proud of that because I'm not doing this for being healthy (I mean it's not my main goal). My aim is to protect animals as much as I can. I don't have enough courage to switch my diet to vegetarian by reason of concerns I have for the health issues, like vitamin B12 and whatever. I didn't made a detailed research so it doesn't seem right to give up on fish directly. However, I really want to be a total vegetarian so I will talk to a dietician in summer (I have no tome before).

One of the obstacles on my vegetarianism journey is my parents. Every time we go out for a dinner, we go to a seafood restaurant, because they want to see me eating "real food" in front of their eyes, not salad or falafels. I don't want to dissapoint them so they still don't know my real goal.

There is something I want to admit: I like the taste of seafood. I can eat everything comes from the sea. It gives my journey a challenging path. Despite this situation, I won't quit for my desires when there are millions of people who can't even take what they need.

So this was a sum of my 2 years of experience. If you want more, please tell me! Thank you for reading.

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